Welcome to Wallett – Budget Planner & Tracker

Wallett Budget Planner & Tracker was created out of a need to organize our own finances. Our goal was to make an application that would be easy to configure and use, yet at the same time have all the necessary features to be useful for users.

You can set up a new budget by selecting one of the predefined templates, or creating one from scratch. You can categorize, add notes, define default values, or customize the colors of your income, savings, and expenses. Charts and summaries will help you to track your cash flow.

But this is just the first step!

We have quite a big backlog of features we would like to develop to make the application even more useful. We would like users to be able to share one budget between accounts, export tables to Excel, export data from a calculator to a budget table, create financial goals in a budget, or make a native mobile application.

We also do not forget about education, one of our ideas is to create a special version of budgets dedicated to children, to teach them good financial habits.

We’re open to hearing what our users say, so feel free to share your thoughts with us, what you like, or don’t, what you would like to see in the app, or what we can improve.

We hope you will like it 🙂